Last night I attended Showtime's "The Affair" screening and Q&A with the some of the cast, executive producers Sarah Treem & Jeffrey Reiner.

 We watched Episode 9 of Season 1. Though I never watched the series before, the story and characters were compelling and strong enough so that someone like me was able to jump in and figure things out with little questions. Overall, I enjoyed it! Yes, there is that stigma of an "affair," but Treem pointed out that when she went to go pitch to Showtime, she focused on the story and character discoveries of what happens AFTER an affair rather than just having an affair? How do you deal? How do you move on? It is truly about discovering who you are after you lose love, gain love, and understand love in the context of marriage and relationships.

I had my own affair with some of the delectables after the Q&A (I did not miss my gluten-free, organic food that night!):

And of course, I didn't go alone. My lovely screenwriter friend, Hitomi Farrell joined me:

If you get a chance, check out one episode. Acting is great, characters are believable and...Joshua Jackson is in it. (^_^)