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This past weekend the LA premiere of "The Laws of the Universe Part 0" (UFO学園の秘密) was held at the DGA building. Directed by Isamu Imakake, this anime is about 5 high school students who encounter a supernatural experience that takes them on a journey throughout the universe.


Voice actress, Mali Matsuda and I enjoyed getting our picture taken.

Of course, after the screening, guests were welcome to eat and mingle with the cast and media in the reception room.


If you enjoy sci-fi, this family friendly film with decent English dub may be a fun alternative for you. As we approach the Awards Season, more and more screenings and premieres will be happening in Hollywood! Which dress will I wear to the next one? (^___~)


Working at Culver Studios is pretty fan-tast-ick. For one, there's so much history involved with this studio lot. Did you know that many of Hollywood's Golden Age movies were filmed here? And although the actual studio went through different names, the history, prestige, and charm of it Remains.


Of course, I HAD to Get my own photo here ... but not a Selfie. (^_^)  Looking forward to Making Movie Memories of Our own here!