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Yes, yes, Summer has arrived! Moviegoers everywhere are experiencing an ocean of summer movies that seem to abound in excitement. With "Avengers: Age of Ultron" raising the first giant swell, the movies following it have continued to ride the wave. "Tomorrowland" is no exception. This screening for SAG AFTRA Film Society Members was held at the Directors Guild of America.


Overall, in my opinion, the movie is a fun experience for families. Kids will enjoy the futuristic elements of seeing a "Tomorrowland" while adults will enjoy the playful interaction between the characters.

However, if you're like me, story is still an important part of any movie and I feel that's what this movie lacked. Without spoiling any details of the movie... The over-the-top environmental messages made me cringe several times. The beginning of the movie with its abrupt stopping and starting got old very quickly. And honestly, George Clooney and Hugh Laurie are fantastic actors...their characters though didn't have much range and when all the other characters were hokey and the tone was very light, here were 2 amazing actors who...couldn't really mirror that frivolity and joy.

So it seems like another message for the audience is "Kids are fun and dynamic, adults are serious and pessimistic." The movie definitely didn't hold back on sending the message to the young generation "Only you can change the world."

Regardless, I had a good time~ Looking forward to the next Hollywood experience!



Storytelling seems to be a lost art these days what with reboots, sequels, and repetition of similar genres. So when I had the opportunity to attend Bobette Buster's Storytelling Seminar at FOX Studios, it was an evening of creativity renewal.


Bobette (pronounced "Bob-ette") broke down different themes and why they work in storytelling. Using successful movies as examples and analyzing why directors chose certain visual metaphors, it was exciting to see the how and why of an idea come to life on the screen.


I can't write about everything that I learned from last night, but I did take notes furiously. However, I will say this: whether on screen or in real life, people's lives are engaging and worth watching. To discover, let go, and forgive yourself are powerful lessons that one will experience in their life journey. And for actors... while experiencing these struggles, don't forget about them, but observe, remember, and let them live vibrantly in the next character you portray.

I had to get a photo with this amazing lady:


And as I walked through the studio lot, my eyes gazed toward this bright beacon that seemed to say, "Live the life you were meant to live."


For more info on Bobette's classes, check out her website: http://www.bobettebuster.com/


I love LA. It provides such amazing opportunities to grow as an actor in this industry. Just recently, there was a screening for SAG members of "The Imitation Game" starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Keira Knightley, Allen Leech (Downton Abbey fans, he plays Tom Branson), and Charles Dance (Game of Throners, Tywin Lannister). Afterwards, a Q&A with Keira Knightley, Allen Leech, and Matthew Beard was held moderated by one of the journalists at Variety.


And this was outside the Harmony Gold Theater where the screening was held:


My Plus One for today? The one and only, Seira Kagami:


Loved "The Imitation Game!" Wonderful drama with fine acting, fascinating story, and of course, BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH.

 48 AM

Recently, there was a screening of "The Homesman" followed by a Q & A with Hilary Swank in LA. This film is set in the mid 1850's and features an array of actors such as Tommy Lee Jones, Meryl Streep, Jon Lithgow, James Spader, and Hailee Steinfeld. Storywise, it focuses on Hilary Swank's character, Mary Bee Cuddy, who takes on the responsibilities of being a Homesman - having the task of taking immigrants back home. The twist is, traditionally, this role was taken on by males, but her being female definitely makes it interesting and challenging to watch.


The Q&A portion was interesting as well and just hearing how Hilary talked about her role and her involvement with bringing this film to life was inspiring.


One of our very own actresses from Wild Orange Asia accompanied me to the screening! *Seira Kagami*

Be sure to check this movie out in theaters now! "The Homesman" directed and produced by Tommy Lee Jones. 

December is here and with that, nomination talks are already under way. Here are some important dates to keep in mind:

Dec. 10 - SAG Award noms Announced
Dec. 11 - Golden Globe noms Announced
Jan. 15 - Oscar noms Announced
Jan. 24 - Producers Guild Awards
Jan. 25 - SAG AWARDS
Feb. 14 - Writers Guild Awards
Feb. 21 - Film Independent Spirit Awards
Feb. 22 - THE OSCARS

So what Are some memorable films from this year? Well, here's one of mine:

Being a Disney fan (having worked there and all), I have had the pleasure of attending the wrap party of "Big Hero 6" this year at the Kodak Theater.


Based on a comic, this is a touching story about a boy and his robot and their relationship as it develops through loss, adventure, and sacrifice. Not a musical! Not "Frozen!" But as you leave the theater, you may feel the little kid in you do silent kicks and punches as you daydream about being a hero yourself.


And that's why we're in showbiz, right folks? To inspire and give hope that everyday can be as magical as our dreams ...